Document Scanning


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Companies are moving to document scanning so they can convert paper documents into electronic files. Once it is in a electronic format, documents are easier and faster to find. If a document is required, it is accessible with a simple keyword search. This eliminates the need to go to the basement or, even worse, a trip out to the storage unit.

Access to each file can be limited to a particular employee or profile. This protects each document on a work flow basis. Access must be manged to eliminate workers taking the sensitive information of employees and customers. Any record has a shelf life and an electronic document management software package will instantly destroy outdated records.


To start the process create a company document management policy. Figure out how long to retain each type of document. This should be done with the help of your CPA and accountant. Then determine what employee requires access to each type of document. This should be published to every employee.

Next it is time to destroy all of the unneeded documents. Have everyone who manages your official records shred documents that are past their retention date. Also, provide shredding bins around your organization for workers to toss their unwanted documents. Ask employees to organize their personal files using the official document management policy and shred everything over its requirements. There is no need to digitize documents that are unlikely to be needed.

Step three is to figure out what documents are likely to be accessed going forward. The cost savings from document scanning increase the more often the document is used and shared. If it will never be used again, then keeping the paper document is the better option. What remains is what you should scan.

Next it is time for the physical act of scanning. You can purchase scanners and assign the work to your employee. Or you can choose to use a scanning service. If you have a box or two then assigning an employee will work. But as the volume grows, this can quickly overwhelm your abilities.

Atlanta Document Shredding can help you make the conversion project simple. High speed scanning equipment and and experienced staff perform this work everyday. They can help you with the scanning, the indexing, and then the EDM to store the records.